What is an Armageddon Fitness Workout?

Posted by Richard Callender on 9 October 2012 | 0 Comments

What is an Armageddon Fitness workout?

An Armageddon Fitness class is best described as being ‘personal training in a group fitness environment using the principles of Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT)’. The concept comes in various forms and has initially launched with the Group Fitness (Level 1) certification and this is to be followed with their Personal Trainer (Level 2) and Weight Management (Level 3) which completes the full certification programme.  The success of the Armageddon Fitness classes has meant that the national event of the same name has become one of the biggest one day fitness events in the United Kingdom.

The Armageddon workout consists of a warm up period of exercise based on one of the four pre-defined styles (Combat, Drill, Rhythmic & Sports). This is followed by a body-weight only workout based on a circuit framework and with multi-joint and multi-plane movement patterns developed to increase both your cardiovascular and muscular fitness and conditioning. The VIIT principle of training means participants are working between ranges of 30-90% of their maximum heart rate (MHR) and unlike HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) it means it is accessible by greater numbers of individuals and movements are designed to be progressed and regressed to allow for greater inclusion.

The class format is based on five components that are devised to focus on upper body, lower body, core, cardiovascular and special movements that will aim to develop your speed, strength and stamina relative to your muscular and cardiovascular fitness.

Each Armageddon workout is non equipment based and the aim is to complete the entire circuit at least once during the specified and prescribed time duration (30min, 45min or 60min workout). Dependent on the aim of the class, or the Armageddon Trainer (the term given to the certified fitness professional), each workout will involve a ‘whole body’ approach to training and each station is time restricted to allow for minimal recovery time and ever increasing intensity based upon the component. With each component required in every class, the Armageddon Trainer is taught how to develop innovative movement patterns and combinations that will elicit a physiological (as well as psychological) change over a period of time due to the participants’ body requiring adaptation to cope with the stresses placed upon it.

VIIT is considered to be one of the most effective ways to maximise workout effectiveness and efficiency in a short period of time. These varying intensity exercise classes provide regular users with increased athletic capacity, all-round condition, improved glucose manipulation and increased fat burning capabilities. With the emphasis placed on the class being solely body-weight in nature, it creates an environment where exercise can occur almost anywhere and this is mainstay of the group fitness workouts where large numbers of individuals can exercise simultaneously and at different levels.

Above all else, Armageddon Fitness training is taking a fresh, new look at functional strength and conditioning exercise and taking it into the group fitness arena with fitness professionals who can develop and hone their skills with a class format that breeds originality and focuses on results whether it is for the elite athlete of the fledgling exerciser.