What is VIIT?

Posted by Richard Callender on 3 October 2012 | 0 Comments

Armageddon Fitness is based upon their Variable Intensity interval Training (VIIT) principle and involves a combination of high, medium and low intensity body weight stations that involve multi-joint and multi-plane movements. With most forms of interval training, you ordinarily alternate between periods of higher intensity exercise followed by lower intensity or “active recovery” period of exercise. In an Armageddon Fitness workout the emphasis is placed upon creating an environment where you can either maintain this normal practice or focus on minimising recovery periods, increasing workloads and combinations of both elements to elicit a controlled and sustained workout effect.

VIIT training is in stark contrast to the more familiar and universal “steady state” exercise or cardiovascular workout where the intensity is considerably lower but longer in duration. Interval training pushes both your cardiovascular and muscular conditioning and therefore is an extremely efficient tool for fat burning and developing your fitness either for lifestyle or sport specific reasons.

What are some of the Benefits of VIIT training?

1. Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) in an Armageddon Fitness workout is guaranteed to constantly change and therefore it will reduce complacency and boredom which, in turn, will increase adherence to an exercise plan and increase chances of success.

2. VIIT stimulates the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system to a greater degree than many other types of fitness training. Therefore more carbohydrates and fats are burned to support the expanding energy demands placed on the body during, immediately post workout and short-term, post workout.

3. VIIT is hugely time efficient and allows for better results in a shorter period of time if undertaken correctly. The best example comparison is to consider the calorie burn on a 60min steady state jog on a treadmill being comparable to a 30min VIIT workout and with less post exercise energy expenditure due to elevation in the metabolic rate.

4. Armageddon Fitness workouts burn fat and more calories than standard body conditioning workouts or cardiovascular, steady state exercise. As an example, 30 minutes on a cross trainer using a steady state (or Manual setting) will burn approximately 292 calories, whereas 30 mins of VIIT training can yield anything up to approximately 590 calories.

5. Interval training has shown to increase the activity of enzymes involved in fat burning because after workouts at a high level, the body has been found to have more fat in the blood (i.e. free fatty acids) which is a strong indicator of more fat being used for energy production and utilisation.

6. VIIT training makes use of both aerobic (Type 1) and anaerobic (Type 2) muscle fibres. This is compared to steady state cardio that predominantly only makes use of the Type 1 fibres. By developing and conditioning these Type 2 muscle fibres you are more likely to increase your capacity to tolerate VIIT. This translates into an increased opportunity to exercise at higher levels and therefore burns more calories and directly relates to improvements in strength, endurance and all round fitness.

7. Armageddon Fitness training increases your V02 max (aerobic capacity) by stimulating your cardiovascular system to work at levels closer to your maximum heart rate for longer durations than comparable cardiovascular only workouts. This means your ability to work at higher levels is constantly improving and enables you to exercise more efficiently, harder and for longer.

8. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is based on the premise of working at approximately 85-90% of your resting heart rate to illicit the desired response. VIIT works on the premise of allowing individuals to work between ranges of 30-90%, therefore enabling more people to want to participate due to the less (perceived) aggressive nature of the training principle. In any given group workout, you should be able to effectively workout within your agreed range and alongside absolute beginners and elite athletes.

9. Armageddon Fitness works on the principle of VIIT and constantly changing demands on the body by continually evolving stations, developing new, innovative movement patterns and varying the intensity of the workout with carefully structured sessions. No back to back class is ever repeated and therefore your body is required to constantly adapt and develop.

10. Variable Intensity Interval Training aids with boosting participants self-esteem and allows for constant progression as an individuals’ muscular and cardiovascular fitness improves. Coordination, confidence, speed, strength, stamina, balance, decision making and shape are some of the elements that develop as a result of regular class adherence and lifestyle management.