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chrissy harper

1. Belief is the first step to success

2. Failure is not an's the second step.

3. Positivity is key

4. Only you can make the change. No one's going to do it for you.

5. Moaning is a waste of energy....and  your gunna need all you can get!!

6. Make sure you have fun :)

Hey, I'm chrissy.

I am a Personal Trainer,International Fitness Presenter,Master Trainer originally from Oxford.

After suffering from a bad knee injury that ended my football career I turned to personal training an rehabilitation, helping others over come their injuries.

Specialising in anterior cruciate and meniscus rehabilitation, I have helped a lot of people get back to full fitness.

Working with a range of people from pop stars, young GB skiers to premiership footballers.

As well as training people on a day to day basis for general fitness goals and motivation.

I got given the chance to present at a UK fitness convention now presenting at several around the UK and Europe.

Group exercise has played a big part  in my life over the past 5-6 years. I teach a variety of classes from dance to studio cycling to kettkebells. My passion is martial arts, which I have practised since I was young.
This passion has lead me to present a martial arts based concept internationally. This is work that I'm very proud of.

Armageddon fitness for me incorporates all of my fitness strengths. I'm looking forward to delivering this great program.

Hard work is fun!!!!


Chrissy Harper


Facebook: chrissy harper fitness

Twitter: charperfitness