Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

sam lees

Samantha Lees

Nuneaton, Warwickshire

Having been previously overweight and adverse to exercise, Sam knows the importance of motivation and enjoyment when it comes to any fitness regime and/or goal setting.

Sam believes that whilst exercise shouldn’t necessarily be easy, it should be fun, uplifting and rewarding and so will encourage class participants to strive to achieve the very best that they can. To ensure that participants get the most out of their workouts, Sam also places emphasis on explaining the concepts behind programmes and exercises in order to increase understanding and awareness whilst nurturing individual responsibility and ownership.

Sam teaches a wide range of fitness styles and is excited to add Armageddon Fitness to her portfolio. Having introduced Armageddon to her local area, Sam knows from the feedback received that it appeals to all ages and abilities and has generated demand for new classes at various fitness centres.