Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

Heather Lamb

Heather Lamb


Hi, I am Heather a Level 3 Personal Trainer and now an Armageddon Fitness trainer!

I am so passionate about health, fitness and nutrition that I love helping people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities to reach their own personal goals.

I understand that everybody is different and that there are a number of reasons for wanting to exercise. Seeing people achieve and realise these goals is my main focus as a trainer.

I am enthusiastic, passionate and absolutely love what I do. I believe in giving the full package helping people with their nutrition, mind set and goal setting as well as making sure that they are getting the right exercise for their overall goal.

That is why I decided to become an Armageddon Fitness trainer.

Armageddon Fitness is a total body and mind transformation programme. It is structured around the individual, you! Meaning that you can start at any level, even if this is the first exercise that you have done in years! Couple that with the fact that you have fun whilst working out there is no possible way that you cannot succeed.

Oh and I will be there to keep you engaged and motivated throughout your journey!

Check out for more information.

I hope to meet you at a class very soon!