Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

amy west

Amy West


Amy entered the world of sport and fitness at 11 years old. In her teens she competed as a national athlete in the demanding Tetrathlon Event. It is because of this she became familiar with training, coaching and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle. Over the years her interest increased; not only in a practical sense, but through study until ultimately it became her career. Following her degree she went on to gain further qualifications in the fitness industry, experience as a gym manager and now continues to develop in her profession as a PT and class instructor.

Amy works hard passing on her passion for fitness to all walks of life. She is always ready to take on a new challenge herself with enough energy to light up the world!  Training with her is fun, varied and effective! Her nickname “EA” (Evil Amy) is derived from pushing people to their full potential. If you train with her you will learn the various comical terms created by others and the meaning of the fun but strict 10 second rule! Ultimately she gets great results in an energetic, positive atmosphere with fantastic team spirit.

Based in Cambridgeshire Amy is excited about becoming an Official Armageddon Trainer and is looking forward to bringing 'Armageddon' to you soon so watch this space for more information.

Believe in yourself to transform your life, mind and body, the question is are you ready to? AFTER ALL… THE END IS JUST THE BEGINNING!