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sara goody

Sara Goody

Berks / Bucks

Hi I’m Sara Goody.

I’ve been a fitness Instructor since 2004, when I’d had a baby and didn’t want to return back to sitting behind a desk. I’d been attending fitness classes to keep myself fit alongside my gym nut of a husband. I discovered that I really enjoyed attending the classes and wanted to give back what I had gained. I went through numerous fitness disciplines, to try and find my forte…….something I could really make my own and put ME into the class. Although I love the other classes I teach, I always felt like I wanted more.

I’ve been attending Fitness Events for the past 4 years. This is where I met Mr Richard Callender. It was during his Static Conditioning classes that I saw that this was a man who was truly inspirational and loved his job. I made it my aim to try and attend every class he taught. I took a look at the Armageddon class the next year and I was hooked from the get go. Now let me just stress that I am no Body builder nor am I superwoman. But I felt compelled to do my upmost to succeed and pushed myself to the utter limits. Pushed by faces of the Armageddon team. My first class, I earn my own T-Shirt for being SICK !! It made me determined to go back to my own classes with new energy and told everyone I knew about the class. Including my husband…….

Since then neither of us have looked back, attending almost every Armageddon Fitness Event and classes at National Fitness events. My husband even took part in the science behind Armageddon Video. He is the face you see on the main home page! It was while I was at one of the latest Armageddon Projects this year, that I found myself pushing others within our little group at the stations, urging others to keep going, that I realised I’d found my passion and booked onto the course.

My aim is to help you achieve your own personal goals, make you comfortable in your own body. Push you to limits you didn’t even know you had. It’s about YOU verses YOU. #noexcusesfitness.

I’m a stubborn and therefore will not give up very easily. I am passionate about what I do and have been told my enthusiasm is infectious. The difference in these classes is it’s not me at the front not seeing YOU, it’s about me seeing each one of you and giving you the personal touch.

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