Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

sam parren

Sam Parren


My background in the Fitness industry is in Personal Training and helping clients enjoy exercise, change their lifestyles and see improvements in their health, fitness & physique. Clients have ranged from people wanting to lose weight through to others with severe medical conditions where exercise can help them to live a more comfortable and longer life.

Since teaching small group circuit classes I wanted to find a class course that was different to the normal, where no class was ever the same & the clients would see amazing results. That is when I stumbled upon ARMAGEDDON FITNESS. Having read the concept I thought wow, my clients in 1 to 1 and class sessions could see some amazing results using 30% - 90% of their maximum heart rate with a variable intensity interval class.

The classes I will be running will be on the Surrey/Sussex borders; they will build STAMINA, SPEED & STRENGTH. Anyone can come to my class whether you are new to exercise or a pro. Classes will be fun, challenging and may test your willpower but the feeling you get after will want you coming back for me. Every week will be different so you won’t get bored of the same set routine.