Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

sam baker

Sam Baker


Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Specialism: Weight loss, long distance endurance, flexibility and strengthening, sports specific, sports nutrition, high intensity training and assault course instructor.

Sam has worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach since 2011 and believes in training your body to be socially, mentally, and physically healthy. Sam is also qualified in sports nutrition. Being a fitness enthusiast since a young age he has tried many approaches from weight training to high intensity cardio training and long distance endurance races. Sam says “Your goals are important to me and I am passionate about sharing my fitness and exercising knowledge with you to help you achieve your goals and make sure you reach them as quickly, confidently and efficiently as possible.” Train to Be mentally and physically focused for whatever challenges life throws at you, believe  in it  and you will be able to tackle anything!

sam is very enthusiastic and strives for team success, so an Armageddon class will be full of explosive energy and motivation with encouragement to take your body to the next level of fitness.