Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

kate palmer

Kate Palmer

Consett, County Durham

Fitness is now a massive part of my life and is something I have been extremely passionate about for many years. The start of this was managing to lose a lot of weight and going from a size 16 to 10/12.  At that point I needed a focus to keep the weight off so I began training for my first Great North Run, after which I carried on running but also attended group exercise classes and from there I became interested in becoming an instructor
I became a qualified Group Exercise Instructor and Personal Trainer in 2012 and have built up my classes since then. I am always pushing myself to be an inspirational instructor to my clients and looking for new challenges to keep up to date with what participants in group exercise classes really want from their workouts.

Group exercise is a major part of my clients lives as they enjoy the support and encouragement they get from exercising as part of a large group. The motivation they get from working as part of a group gives them the boost to push themselves further each time to progress towards their personal goals.

Armageddon Fitness is perfect for this as everyone can work to their own level and push themselves as much as they can. It is what my group has been waiting for and I am looking forward to bringing it to the wider area and would love to hear from anyone wanting to know more.