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matthew morris

Matt Morris


Hi, Im Matt Morris AKA MO

Recently left the British Army to full fill a new career path as a Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor.On completing my courses with Premier global international in April 2014. I started working full time immediately in a gym for Active4less.

Despite being in the Army for 10 years 8 of them where in a military gym. As I found very quickly things are run very differently in a civilian gym. 

Using my military background I applied to work for British Military Fitness.From the word Go! Ive felt very much at home.

Thirsty to learn anything and everything about the fitness industry. My tutor recommended I applied for Armageddon Trainer (L1) .

From an honest point of view id seen video clips on youtube but had no idea what to expect.

With an open mind going into the workshop for that one day was awesome, I felt  very fortunate to learn Armageddon and meet the creator Richard Callender. Learning his techniques and asking questions about the industry, Richard is incredible man to learn from.

I would highly recommend.

As a newbie to the industry, I've learned you have to be on top of your game in every sense. From my own personal training goals to my clients. I find the only way to accomplice this is to continuously be hungry to learn. "The wolf climbing the hill is hungrier than the wolf on the top the hill.”