Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

beko kaygee

Beko Kaygee


Group Exercise Instructor, Personal Trainer, Course Tutor, Assessor, International Presenter and Master Trainer; Beko Kaygee has been promoting exercise, health and well being for 19 years. His programmes cover a wide range of activities including Dance, Martial Arts & Holistic Health Disciplines. His primary emphasis is on making all exercise Fun, Safe and Accessible to anyone.

Director of ‘F3 Fitness’, founder of the ‘F3 Tai Chi & Chi Kung Academy’ and presently developing the ‘F3 Yoga School’, Beko has written an array of course manuals, as well as writing for and appearing in, several mainstream fitness magazines. Additionally, he has also recorded a number of Fitness Instructional DVDs and featured in online downloadable education videos for fitness companies such as FitPro™, Jumpy Bumpy™ and The Fitness Industry Group.

Though Beko has already created four unique exercise concepts, he is still constantly updating his own training and education and knows how to separate the genuine fitness developments from the ‘Fad’s’. That’s why when the launch of Armageddon™ training finally happened, there was no hesitation - Beko was right there amongst the first group of instructors to qualify as an Armageddon™ Trainer.

Beko has this to say about the programme;
“Armageddon Fitness™ ticks all the boxes for the type of classes that I love to teach. I pride myself in thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to fitness and exercise and Armageddon™ does that and more! Its fun, it’s safe, anyone can do it and most importantly… it works!”