Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

julie cowan

Julie Cowan


Falaise Gym Fitness Manager

Julie has been involved with the fitness industry for over seven years, she has a passion for helping, motivating and supporting clients who want to gain results and achieve their goals.

Julie takes a fresh approach to training by making it fun and achievable, always smiling and cheerful she develops relationships with all members developing their needs and going that extra mile to support their progress.

When Julie goes that extra mile she helps the members with nutrition advice and diet plans to support their goals, she also takes the opportunity to show them how to make the food she has spoken about.

Julie uses many innovative ideas to get people involved in classes and projects; she has supported a devised a programme based on the Television Series the Biggest Loser and this has been established at a local level.

Julie has many qualifications within the fitness industry and teaches classes such as Spin, Circuits, Kettlebells and Abs Classes. Julie is qualified to deliver Armageddon Classes, with the delivery of the new class it is hoped she will inspire, motivate and develop more people to reach their goals and help local people to become fitter.