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heather kinch

Heather Kinch

Andover, Hampshire

Heather has had a long standing passion for health and fitness, and decided to turn this passion into a career after leaving her job to start a family in 2006.

Having  4 children in 5 years was, and still is, a huge test of strength and stamina, and never before was it more obvious that keeping fit and healthy was essential to wellbeing both physically and mentally. She made a point of keeping fit and exercising throughout her  pregnancies, and as time went on and her children started to grow, was able to start studying to become a qualified fitness professional . Her goal of becoming a Level 2 group fitness instructor was achieved.

Coaching a fat loss bootcamp in Andover, Hampshire,  Heather has helped individuals lose inches and lbs very successfully through metabolism boosting interval training, and supporting with specific fat loss nutrition advice. She takes immense pleasure and pride in helping people to achieve their goals and improve their lives. Even in the coldest mid winter mornings at a very dark 6.30am the commitment of her clients shines through and they leave training sessions smiling!

The Armageddon concept encompasses everything that Heather believes in with regards to  ethos and attitude. She strongly advocates group fitness training for all, whether seasoned athletes or total beginners. Keeping it fresh, keeping it challenging, and getting results that are right for the individual.