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kelly kirk

Kelly Kirk


After leaving the armed forces to start a family fitness seemed a natural path for me to take, having always had fitness in my life whether doing assault courses, running or even playing rugby (once for the army never again I ended up in hospital)!

Using my resettlement to gain numerous qualifications including level 3 personal trainer I have never looked back. Fitness is a huge part of my life, helping to change people’s lives gives me great satisfaction. Not always the big things like helping someone lose 5 stone although this is great but that moment when someone realises that a press up is achievable.

I believe that exercise should be fun, that buzz you gain afterwards is not achieved legally anywhere else very easily! It is not always easy, but the good things in life normally aren’t easy to come by.

With a little help and motivation great things are possible, I hope to help spread this message in my Armaggedon classes, fun, motivating, a great workout yet always achievable at your level using Armagedons VIIT (varied intensity interval training) system.

Don’t be scared the scariest part is the name… you will be welcomed, you can do it believe in you…believe the HYPE!