Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

theresa spiteri

In the short span of a year, life has taken an awesome turn. Living and studying in Malta from the age of 9 and post-secondary Hairdressing, gained me invaluable inter-personal and customer skills. 2002 moved me back to the UK and employed in a local high-end spa/leisure facility. Working my way up the ladder, ended with Reservations/Duty Manager titles in 2006. I previously frequented gyms (admittedly, mainly to lose weight!) but high post-natal weight gain with my 1st child, was the driving force behind my next steps. I worked out harder/smarter and developed a thirst for knowledge on the subject, so I enrolled with the Open University to study a Sports Degree. This is my 4th year and come July, I will have a Diploma with a final 2 years to my Degree. In 2011 I had my 2nd child. Working out throughout pregnancy felt great. Since then, I have qualified in Level 2 Gym and Aerobics, Zumba and now Armageddon Fitness! I am always intrinsically motivated, but enthusiastic, like-minded people fuel me to want to go further and work harder. I thrive on seeing people push themselves and achieve things they never would've imagined, getting them to believe in themselves and strive to accomplish goals is a real rush!

2013 is the year I take my own fitness on a quest, pushing through boundaries, taking on challenges I could've once only dreamed of. Armageddon Fitness will be a huge part of that....and so it begins!