Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

amanda jayne

Amanda Jayne Khalid

Middlesbrough, Teesside

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW no more wishy washy bit of this bit of that taking it easy, NOW is the time for you!  Its time to take your fitness levels to the next level, its time to take your personal fitness goals & SMASH THEM, its time to be the fittest, strongest & healthiest that YOU can be FOR YOU.  Amanda is the Trainer to take you through this Inspirational & Positive Journey.  Armageddon is the Fitness Training System to ensure you get there QUICK.

A demanding world where-in it is survival of the fittest. Whether you work in business, in the field or in the home if you don’t have your heath life becomes harder, slows down or even stops.  Its time to change that, its time for a healthier fitter more Awesome YOU!

Amanda has been in the Fitness Industry since 2001, having the pleasure of teaching an array of fitness disciplines including, Group Exercise, 1-2-1 Training, TaeKwonDo, Personal Lifestyle Programs, Gym Instruction, Kettle Bells, Exercise to Music & Tae Circuits.  For Amanda Jayne Exercise is not just a Qualification & its certainly not considered as Work, it’s a way of life, its what makes life, and you only have one life – its time to live it!

Amanda says:
“Exercise is the one thing in life you do for you!”

Armageddon says:
“Train individuals like athletes and athletes like individuals”

Good Girls do Aerobics, Bad Girls do Armageddon – EVEN BADDER GIRLS TEACH IT!