Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

imogen west

Imogen West


Fitness is a massive part of Imogen's life, she has been extremely passionate for many years. The passion came from starting to attend group exercise classes and it grew from there into becoming an instructor. Imogen became a qualified group exercise instructor in 2010 and has built up her classes since then always pushing herself to be a better and inspiring instructor to her participants.

Imogen is always keen to find new challenges in order to keep up to date with what participants in group exercise classes are currently wanting out of their workouts. Group exercise is a major part of people's lives. Imogen works mainly in gyms currently and she knows that many members are only there in order to attend group exercise classes because they need that motivation of working as part of a group in order to progress. Armageddon fitness is perfect for this because everyone can work to their own level and push themselves as much as they can.

Armageddon fitness is what Teesside has been waiting for and Imogen is looking forward to bringing it to the area and would also love to hear from anyone wanting to know more.

Believe the hype.