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leona knott

Leona Knott


Hi all, am Leona Knott

I am a fully qualified Exercise to Music and Gym Instructor with many other skills attached to my CV (to many to mention),  the one i am extreemmmmmllly excited about is that i am now OFFICIALLY an Armageddon VIIT Trainer :-)

for the past 10 years my heart and soul as been around building my skills and knowledge within the fitness and health industry.  I also work full time for the NHS as a development officer for a weight management service, so my day job is also about helping indidviduals make those all important lifestyle changes to help improve health, fitness and welbeing. with me being a peoples person i suit my job down to the ground!!!

My passion in life is to see and get results, to help anyone and everyone in need of gaining them, i am also very passionate about problem solving and through the work i do within the health & fitness industry i am able to fullfill my passion on a daily basis and it gives me great satisfaction knowing i acheive!

I feel i came into this kind of work having come from a large family of 8 sisters and 1 brother to which we all love dance, music, sociallising, sport and fitness, so it was inevitable that i ended up doing the job i do today! i started out as a streetdance teacher, then sports coach until 2003 becoming a fitness/gym instructor and not looked back since.

Now let me tell you...Armageddon Fitness is not only going to give me the tools to attract men and women to class but i am proud to be teaching a whole body workut that comes in a very well structured approach, enabling clients to see results and achieve an optimum workout is priceless. so what more would clients want?