Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers

marc browne

Marc Browne


I have been in the fitness industry at different levels for 16/17 years and witnessed many ideas, concepts and equipment which have come and gone. One of the most important factors; whether a person participates or not, is time. Armageddon offers a full body challenge in a time efficient manner.

Working as a qualified Personal Trainer since 2011 I enjoy encouraging, motivating and challenging clients. Armageddon Fitness allows me to deliver a structured class but gives me the flexibility to provide innovative and original class which keeps participants guessing as to what the next class may bring.

What I offer participants is motivation, professionalism, attention and an environment which allows people to achieve goals. The ethos behind Armageddon mirrors my own – inclusion, diversity and to reach out to the widest audience available.

I want to offer participants a class where people push themselves to their limits but have fun and variety. Fun and variety both stimulate and motivate both me as an instructor and the clients I have trained over the years.

I am inclusive, approachable, and professional and aim to deliver a first class service to participants. I look forward to challenging the stereo-type that you need the gym and weights to get fit and strong. I believe in Armageddon’s values – originality, embracing different levels of abilities and being physically and mentally challenging. I look forward to teaching and promoting Armageddon.