Official Armageddon Fitness Trainers


Al Darmanin


Hi im Al I'm a fitness professional working for Valley leisure in Andover,I'm passionate about fitness and all the different exciting aspects that fitness brings,I love strength training so it was a real eye opener when i completed my Armageddon fitness trainer course, the buzz and the vibe was intense and was amazing.

Having served for 23yrs in the Army i have been around fitness for a long time,having seen many different styles of fitness,Armageddon fitness with its Variable intensity gave me a buzz and a drive to want to go on to achieve better things.i let myself go back in 2007 and i ended up in a place where i did not want to be over weight,i joined a gym Bromley My Time,i went there 3 times a day 5 days a week,two personal trainers Jon Yirrell and Phill Travis explained to me that i was over training and after 2 months of high intensity i was not changing,so they asked me to look at my food diary,and put me on a body weight program.i lost three stone over a year period,and felt healthier for it.I owe my second career after the Army to them they inspired me to become a fitness professional obtaining my Lv2 Gym, Lv3 Personal trainer,Gp Referral qualifications,I've gone on to complete Triathlons,Swimmathons over 200 lengths,create Gym challenges for my centre,and I'm looking forward to going our members on Tough mudder at the end of the year.

Im very excited now to introduce Armageddon Fitness a VIIT to Andover Leisure centre,the buzz and the vibe around the centre is amazing.

The End is just the Beginning.